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-SulfoBiotics- Sodium Polysulfide Set

Item # Unit Size
3 x 100 mg

For Research Use Only Products

Storage Condition : -20℃, light and moisture sensitive
Shipping Condition : blue ice

Product Contents:

Sodium disulfide (Na2S2: 1 x 100 mg 
Sodium trisulfide (Na2S3): 1 x 100 mg
Sodium tetrasulfide (Na2S4): 1 x 100 mg

Product Description:

-SulfoBiotics- Sodium polysulfide set is the associated type of Sodium polysulfides (Na2Sn) supplied with 100 mg each of sodium disulfide (Na2S2), sodium trisulfide (Na2S3), sodium tetrasulfide (Na2S4).

        Fig. 1 Structures of Sodium polysulfides (Na2Sn) and the pKa values



        Fig. 2 UV spectra of 1 mmol/l Na2Sn aqueous solution

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