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-SulfoBiotics- GYY4137

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10 mg

For Research Use Only Products

Storage Condition : 0-5
Shipping Condition : ambient temperature
Purity : ≥95.0%
Chemical name: (4-Methoxyphenyl)morpholinylphosphinodithioic acid, morpholine salt
M.W.: 376.47 
CAS#: 106740-09-4

Product Description:

GYY4137 is one of the synthetic hydrogen sulfide donors derived from Lawsson’s reagent. It is water-soluble and releases H2S very slowly by hydrolysis in aqueous solutions. GYY4137 has shown distinct cellular effects such as anti-hypertensive, anti-atherosclerotic and anti-tumor activities in several reports.

        Fig. 1 H2S Releasing Mechanism of GYY4137s



       Fig. 2 H2S Releasing Curve of GYY4137 in PBS

H2S donors:

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