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-SulfoBiotics- H2S donor 5a

Item # Unit Size
10 mg

For Research Use Only Products

Storage Condition : 0-5
Shipping Condition : ambient temperature
Purity : ≥98.0%
Chemical name: N-(Benzoylthio)benzamide
M.W.: 257.31
CAS#: 134861-13-5

Product Description:

Hydrogen sulfide donor 5a releases H2S upon reaction with reducing agents containing sulfhydryl groups such as cysteine and reduced glutathione. The donor is stable in aqueous solutions, whereas it decomposes and releases H2S in biological samples containing thiols such as blood, tissues or cells. This reaction mimics releasing mechanism of H2S in vivo. *H2S donor 5a was developed by Dr. Ming Xian of Washington State University.

        Fig. 1 H2S Releasing Mechanism of Donor 5a



       Fig. 2 H2S Releasing Curve of Donor 5a in PBS

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