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Enzyme based cytotoxicity assay using MTT and WST dyes rely on a reductive coloring reagent and dehydrogenase in a viable cell to determine the cell viability. Therefore, even if the result shows cytotoxicity, it is difficult to say whether the dehydrogenase activity of the cells is lowered or it is due to the cell membrane damage. In recent years, as another indicator LDH is measured as a supporting data of cytotoxicity. Learn more about cell proliferation/cytotoxicity assay here.

Here is the list of some articles which utilizes multiple methods to increase the data reliability:

Cell Type Treatment
C3H10T1/2 Pirfenidone CCK-8
XL413, a cell division cycle 7 kinase inhibitor enhanced the anti-fibrotic effect of pirfenidone on TGF-ß1-stimulated C3H10T1/2 cells via Smad2/4 S. Jin, et. al, Exp Cell Res., 2015, 339(2), 289-99
human L02
(human liver cell)
S17092 and Vehicle
(dimethylsulfoxide, DMSO)
Prolyl Oligopeptidase Inhibition Attenuates Steatosis in the L02 Human Liver Cell Line Zhou D, et al., PLoS ONE, 2016, 11(10)
RAW264.7 L FAC and IFN-gamma CCK-8
Iron Reduces M1 Macrophage Polarization in RAW264.7 Macrophages Associated with Inhibition of STAT1 Zhen-Shun Gan, et. al, Mediators of Inflammation, 2017
mouse embryonic fibroblast
Methylmercury CCK-8
Atg5-dependent autophagy plays a protective role against methylmercury-induced cytotoxicity Takanezawa Yasukazu, et. al, Toxicity Letters, 2016, 262, 135-141
Silver Nanoparticles MTT
A.Patlolla, S. Hussain, P. Tchounwou, Sixth International Symposium on Recent Advances in Environmental Health Research A.Patlolla, et. al., Sixth International Symposium on Recent Advances in Environmental Health Research
Cadmium Chloride MTT
In vitro cytotoxicity assays: Comparison of LDH, neutral red, MTT and protein assay in hepatoma cell lines following exposure to cadmium chloride G. Fotakis, et. al, Toxicology Letters, 2006, 160, 171-177
human gingival fibroblasts Resin Composite Monomers MTT
Resin composite monomers alter MTT and LDH activity od human gingival fibroblasts in vitro Y. Issac, D.C Watts, et. Al., Dental Material., 2004, 20 (1), 12-20

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