“Ferroptosis Detection – Selection Guide”

Necrosis, apoptosis and autophagy is known as cell death-related processes. In 2012, Ferroptosis was proposed as one of new cell deaths. Ferroptosis is studied as non apoptotic cell death caused by accumulation of iron ion-dependent lipid peroxide.

Ferroptosis from Various Indicators

Example of Measurements of Glutamine/Glutamate level in Ferroptosis research

It is known that an iron-dependent cell death called “ferroptosis” is induced when xCT is inhibited by elastin treatment. The amounts of glutamate release and intracellular glutathione were measured by using the elastin-treated A549 cells. As a result, the amount of glutamate release was decreased in the elastin-treated A549 cells, and the amount of intracellular glutathione was decreased by inhibiting cystine uptake.

Fluctuation of factors involved in ferroptosis


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