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ABD-F ABD-F, 4-Fluoro-7-sulfamoylbenzofurazan [CAS: 91366-65-3]
Item #: A016 -

Derivatization Reaction Product Description ABD-F has a benzofurazan moiety that produces a highly fluorescent compound through the reaction with a sulfhydryl group. The excitation and emission of the devivatized compound are 389 nm and 513 nm, respectively. The reaction rate of ABD-F is 30 times faster than that of SBD-F. ABD-F reactions with thiol compounds are completed within 5 minutes in aqueous conditions at 50ºC, pH 8. However, ABD-F does not react with alanine, proline, or cystine...

MDB MDB, 1,2-Diamino-4,5-methylenedioxybenzene, dihydrochloride [CAS: 38608-07-0]
Item #: M021 -

Derivatization Reaction Product Description Phenylenediamine (OPD) reacts with α-keto acids to form highly fluorescent quinoxaline derivatives. MDB is an o-phenylenediamine analogue. It is the best labeling reagent for α-keto acids because of its reactivity and sensitivity. In HPLC analysis, more than ten different α-keto acids, such as α-keto glutaric acid, pyruvic acid, and phydroxyphenyl-pyruvic acid, can be separately detected at a time, even at concentrations of only a few femtomoles per...

NBD-F NBD-F, 4-Fluoro-7-nitrobenzofurazan [CAS: 29270-56-2]
Item #: N020 -

Derivatization Reaction Product Description NBD-F is highly reactive and can label primary and secondary amines under mild conditions (1 min reaction at 60ºC in a weak basic solution). NBD-F is a pre-labeling compound for HPLC analysis of small molecules. NBD-labeled compounds are orange with a maximum wavelength at 470 nm.The excitation and emission of the derivatized compound are 470 nm and 530 nm, respectively. ...

SBD-F SBD-F, 4-Fluoro-7-sulfobenzofurazan, ammonium salt [CAS: 84806-27-9]
Item #: S013 -

Derivatization Reaction Product Description SBD-F is a water-soluble reagent that reacts with sulfhydryl groups to produce highly fluorescent compounds. The detection limit of thiol compounds such as glutathione, cysteine, N-acetylcysteine, CoA and BSA by HPLC analysis is in the range of 100-500 pmol per injection.The excitation and emission of the derivatized compound are 385 nm and 515 nm, respectively. ...