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PlasMem Bright Green

Item # Unit Size
100 µL

For Research Use Only Products

∼ Features ~
– Applicable to live and fixed cells
– High retentivity of reagents with low toxicity
– Just add reagents into medium

Content: 100 µL x 1
Storage Condition: Store at -20oC
Shipping Condition: Ambient Temperature


Detection Principle

The plasma membrane (PM), consists of a lipid bilayer separating the intracellular environment from the extracellular space. Consequently, the PM plays a central role in many cell behaviors, such as cell migration, cell stretching, and signaling cascades. Additionally, PM dysfunction is an important biomarker because it is related to the cell status and is linked to many diseases.

Dojindo’s PlasMem Bright dyes overcome these limitations. PlasMem Bright dyes are designed to stain PMs for over a day. Furthermore, the PlasMem Bright dyes are more water-soluble compared with other commercially available dyes and can be diluted with culture medium. The PlasMem Bright dyes offer two different color options (green and red) and are provided as ready-to-use DMSO solutions. A working solution can be prepared easily via a single dilution step using growth medium or HBSS.

The general number of usable assays per 100 ul
35 mm dish x 10
μ-Slide 8 well x 10

Low toxicity, No washing, and High retentivity

PlasMem Bright series solves the most frequently requested dissatisfaction with existing dyes

High retentivity on plasma membrane

HeLa cells stained with each plasma membrane staining reagent were incubated for 24 hrs and each the resulting fluorescent image was compared. PlasMem Bright series had higher retentivity on plasma membrane than other products.

PlasMem Bright series had higher retentivity on plasma membrane than other products

Example of experiment: Plasma membrane staining inside an ES cell colony

Mouse ES cells were seeded in gelatin-coated glass bottom dishes and cultured for 4 days. The resulting colonies were stained with PlasMem Bright Green (200x dilution) for 15 minutes and observed the colonies under a confocal microscope (Zeiss: LSM710) after replacing medium. As a result, the plasma membranes inside the colonies could be also clearly visualized with PlasMem Bright Green.

<Observation condition>
Ex. 488 nm / Em. 500 – 560 nm

*This data was kindly provided by Dr. Otsugu Ishizu, School of Medicine, Keio University.

Clear visualization of plasma membrane

Observe morphology of neuron (differentiated SH-SY5Y cells) and localization of mitochondria in axon.

PlasMem Bright Series has low cytotoxicity and can be used in observation of morphology of neurons

Excitation and emission spectra of PlasMem Bright dyes

Excitation and emission spectra of PlasMem Bright series

Nuclear (Blue), Mitochondria (Red), Plasma Membrane (Green)