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Dithiobis(C2-NTA) Dithiobis(C2-NTA), 3,3ā€™-Dithiobis[N-(5-amino-5-carboxypentyl)propionamide-N,Nā€™-diacetic acid] dihydrochloride
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Structural Formula Product Description Dithiobis(C2-NTA) is utilized for the modification of a gold surface to introduce NTA groups that can bind most heavy metal ions. It forms SAMs similar to the other alkanethiols. The SAMs prepared using Dithiobis(C2-NTA) are highly unidirectional due to its alkyl chain interactions. Ni(II)-NTA chelates are commonly used for Histidine-tagged (His-tag) protein purification or separation. Therefore, Ni(II)-NTA-coated gold can be used for His-tag protein...