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1-Methoxy PES 1-Methoxy PES
Item #: M470 -

Product Description 1-Methoxy PES is an electron mediator which has higher stability of solutions than 1-Methoxy PMS(M003). The stability in neutral to alkali conditions has been extremely improved with 1-Methoxy PES. 1-Methoxy PES is a stable small-molecular compound and it has an equal or higher thermal stability than diaphorase. The 1-Methoxy PES solution can be stored long term. Characteristics of Each Electron Mediator ...

1-Methoxy PMS 1-Methoxy PMS, 1-Methoxy-5-methylphenazinium methylsulfate [CAS: 65162-13-2]
Item #: M003 -

Reaction Scheme Product Description 1-Methoxy PMS is easily dissolved by water and alcohol. Its redox potential is +63 mV. Though phenazinium methylsulfate (PMS) is commonly used as an electron carrier for NADH-tetrazolium, the stability of PMS is very poor. However, 1-Methoxy PMS solution can be stored at room temperature for over 3 months without protection from light. An electron of NAD(P)H is transfered by 1-Methoxy PMS to tetrazolium salt (Reaction Scheme). Therefore, it is a useful...

Amine-reactive PES Amine-reactive PES, 1-[3-(Succinimidyloxycarbonyl)propoxy]-5-ethylphenazinium triflate [CAS: ]
Item #: A543 -

Product Description Amine-reactive PES is a novel amino-reactive electron mediator. The mediator is able to be linked to enzymes such as glucose dehydrogenase by a covalent bond, and so is expected to be applied to next generation biosensors. A New Generation of Electron Mediator By modification of enzyme with Amine-reactive PES, the mediator which binds to the enzyme surface is able to transfer the electrons from reduced co-factor to the electrode. This sensing system may be useful for...