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Item # Unit Size
50 mg

For Research Use Only Products

Chemical Name: N-(4-Maleimidocaproyloxy)sulfosuccinimide, sodium salt

Appearance: White or slightly yellowish-pink powder
Purity: ≥90.0% (HPLC)
MW: 382.28, C12H11N2NaO9S

Storage Condition: 0-5oC
Shipping Condition: with blue ice

Cross-linking Reaction

Product Description
Hetero-bifunctional cross-linking reagents have activated esters and maleimide reactive groups. These functional groups react with amines and sulfhydryl groups of proteins, respectively. Enzyme-labeled haptens are prepared using hetero-bifunctional cross-linking reagents such as EMCS or GMBS. The cross-linking reaction requires neutral pH and mild temperature because it is necessary to maintain enzyme activity and antibody titers in the cross-linking reaction. Hetero-bifunctional cross-linking reagents with 3, 5, 7, or 10 linear carbon chains are available. These linear aliphatic chains act as spacers between the two reactive sites and their water-soluble reagents. They are more stable than the aromatic cross-linking reagents such as succinimidyl-4-N-maleimidobenzoate in a wider pH range.

Conjugation of Macromolecules with Hetero-Bifunctional Cross-Linking Reagent

Hetero-bifunctional Reagents
Product Name Code Length (Å)
Sulfo-EMCS S024 9.4
Sulfo-GMBS S025 6.9
Sulfo-HMCS S026 13.0
Sulfo-KMUS S250 16.7
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