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Chemical Name: 1-[2-Amino-5-(6-carboxy-2-indolyl)phenoxy]-2-(2-amino-5-methylphenoxy)ethane-N,N,N',N'-tetraacetic acid, pentapotassium salt
CAS: 96314-96-4 (free acid)

Appearance: slightly yellowish-white powder
≥95.0 %(HPLC)
840.05, C32H26K5N3O12

Storage Condition: -20ºC, protect from light
Shipping Condition:
ambient temperature

Product Description
Indo 1 is another type of improved calcium indicator that can be used in ratiometry, including when using a flow cytometer. Two separate wavelengths in the emission spectrum, usually at 410 nm and 480 nm, are measured in the ratiometry of Indo 1. Indo 1 is reported to have better properties for localization than Fura 2 after being loaded into cells. Indo 1-AM is an acetoxymethyl ester derivative of Indo 1 that can be loaded into cells by incubation.

Calcium Chelation

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