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100 mg

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Application: Heavy metal ion detection, colorimetric

ChemicalName: 2-(5-Nitro-2-pyridylazo)-5-[N-n-propyl-N-(3-sulfopropyl)amino]phenol, disodium salt, dihydrate
CAS: 143205-66-7 (anhydrous)

Appearance: Dark green or dark greenish-brown powder
Purity: ≥90.0% (anhydrous)
MW: 503.45, C17H19N5Na2O6S, 2H2O

Storage Condition: ambient temperature, protect from light and moisture
Shipping Condition: ambient temperature

Product Description
Nitro-PAPS is a highly sensitive colorimetric reagent for Fe(II) detection that forms a water-soluble complex at pH 3.0-8.0 (λmax=582 nm, λ=107,000). This reagent is suitable for the determination of Fe(II) in serum and can also be used to determine micromolar levels of Cu, Zn, Ni, and Co. Cu and Zn in serum are masked by a mixture of thioglycolic acid and SDS. Zn in serum can be determined by Nitro-PAPS using CN- as a masking reagent of Fe and Cu.

Chemical Structure

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Table 1 Spectral Data of Nitro-PAPS-Metal Complex