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NTA-SAM Formation Reagent

Item # Unit Size
2 µmol x 3

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Storage Condition :
Shipping Condition : Ambient temperature

Product Description:
NTA forms a stable complex with heavy metals such as Ni, it is, therefore, applied to introduce metal ions onto NTA-biomolecules or NTA-compounds. These metal chelate compounds have been commonly used to detect specific substances which interact with metal ions such as His-Tagged proteins.

What is SAM Formation Reagent? 
SAM (Self-Assembled Monolayer) is a highly organized thin layer of molecules formed on a solid surface by chemisorption. Due to its high applicability, SAM can be used on biosensors. However, unspecific binding is commonly observed while biomaterial samples are used. In the most of these cases, the concentration and combination of SAM reagents are not optimized for preparing an organized layer on a metal surface. Dojindo provides SAM Formation Reagents which are already optimized in one bottle and simple to use. The optimized reagent can reduce unspecific binding significantly.

Comparison Data:

Dojindo SAM Formation Reagent gives us lower background and higher S/N ratio. 

Example of Solvents
2 mmol/L (ethanol solution):Dissolve 1 bottle in 1 mL ethanol

Data by QCM:

Experimental Conditions:
His-tagged ProteinA : 10 ug/ml His-tagged ProteinA in buffer
Buffer : 10 mM HEPES (pH 7.2) ,150 mM NaCl , 0.5%Tween-20
IgG : 5.5 ug/ml Rabbit IgG in buffer 

Instrument: Affinix QNμ(QCM2008-LVKIT), INITIUM, Inc.

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