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Trehalose Detergents

Item # Unit Size
Trehalose C8 : 500 mg
Trehalose C10 : 500 mg
Trehalose C12 : 500 mg
Trehalose C14 : 500 mg
Trehalose C16 : 500 mg

For Research Use Only Products

Appearance: White powder
Purity: ≥95.0% (HPLC)

Storage Condition: 
Shipping Condition: ambient temperature

Product Description :
Trehalose is commonly used as a stabilizer and protective material for biomaterial compounds. Because of this charctaristics, Trehalose is introduced to the new detergents as a hydrophilic part. Due to the great character of Trehalose, protein degeneration is expected to be prevented with Trehalose detergents. Therefore, Trehalose detergents may keep the proteins’ functions and be utilized in the field of proteomics research. The 5 kinds of Trehalose detergents, with different alkyl chains from 8 to 16, are available.

Chemical Structure:

Chemical Property:
 Detergents cmcM.W.  molecular formula
 Trehalose C8 5.6 mmol/l 468.49 C20H36O12
 Trehalose C10 3 mmol/l 496.55 C22H40O12
 Trehalose C12 0.15 mmol/l 524.60 C24H44O12
 Trehalose C14 0.012 mmol/l 552.65 C26H48O12
 Trehalose C16 0.0061 mmol/l 580.71 C28H52O12

Protein Crystalization using Trehalose Detergents: