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-SulfoBiotics- H2S donor 8l discontinued

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For Research Use Only Products

Storage Condition : 0-5
Shipping Condition : ambient temperature
Purity : ≥90.0%
Chemical name: N-Butyl-N2-acetyl-S-acetylsulfanyl-DL-penicillamine amide
M.W.: 320.47
CAS#: 1430811-09-8

Product Description:

Thiol-activated hydrogen sulfide donor 8 ℓ and 8оprepared from penicillamine release H2S upon reaction with reducing agents containing sulfhydryl groups such as cysteine and reduced glutathione in a similar manner to 5 a. The H2S releasing rates depend on concentrations of thiols, and donor 8оgives a slower H2S releasing rate than donor 8 ℓ. These donors are useful to investigate the effects of H2S releasing rates on cellular functions. *H2S donor 8ℓ and 8o were developed by Dr. Ming Xian of Washington State University.




       Fig.  H2S Releasing Curves of Donor 8l and 8o in PBS

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2) Z. W. Lee, J. Zhou, C-S. Chen, Y. Zhao, C-H. Tan, L. Li, P. K. Moore, and L-W. Deng, “The Slow-Releasing Hydrogen Sulfide Donor, GYY4137, Exhibits Novel Anti-Cancer Effects In Vitro and In Vivo”, PLos One, 2011, 6, e21077.