Mitochondria Research for Mammalian Cells

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  • No need for Transfection
  • Just add our Mtphagy Dye

Now Available: Mtphagy Dye Only
Kit Contents
Mitophagy Detection Kit (Item# MD01) : Mtphagy Dye 5 μg x 1, Lyso Dye 30 μg x 1

Mtphagy Dye (Item# MT02) : Mtphagy Dye 5 μg x 3
Storage Condition : Store at 0-5 oC and protect from light.

Lyso Dye in Mitophagy Detection Kit (not included in MT02) stains lysosome and is used to confirm the fusion of Mtphagy Dye-labeled mitochondria and lysosome. Therefore, we strongly recommend using Mitophagy Detection Kit (MD01) for the first time.

    Item # Description/Size Availability Qty Break Price Quantity
    1 set
    (corresponds to 200 tests
    when µ-slide 8 well Ibidi is used)
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    Mtphagy Dye (5 µg x 3)
    *MT02-10 does not include Lyso Dye
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