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-SulfoBiotics- Sodium sulfide (Na2S)

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Storage Condition :  0-5℃,moisture sensitive
Shipping Condition : ambient
Purity : ≥97.0%
Chemical name: Sodium sulfide  
M.W.: 78.04 
CAS#: 1313-82-2

Product Description:

It has been recognized that hydrogen sulfide (H2S) has an important role as a physiological active substance for vasodilation, cytoprotection, and modulation of insulin secretion. H2S is considered as a gaseous molecule such as NO and CO. However, around 80% of the total sulfide exists as hydrogen sulfide anion (HS-) under physiological condition, since the pKa is about 7 (Fig. 1). In addition, H2S easily converts to various biochemical molecules such as persulfides and polysulfides, which react with sulfhydryl moieties in a living body. The functional mechanism of H2S has not been well understood.Sodium sulfide (Na2S) has been widely used as a H2S donor. Na2S is readly decomposed and release H2S when Na2S is dissolved in H2O.

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