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MitoBright Green discontinued

Item # Unit Size

For Research Use Only Products

Kit Contents: MitoBright Green 50 μg x 3

Storage Condition : Store in a cool dark place

Shipping Condition: ambient temperature

Product Description

There are various organelles playing an important role in cells. Mitochondria is not only a principal site of oxidative phosphorylation to produce ATP, but also an important organelle whose activity and dysfunction are relevant to cancer, cell senescent and neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's. “MitoBright” is a fluorescent probe for selectively staining of mitochondria in living cells. It accumulates in healthy mitochondria due to the membrane potential dependency. In addition, MitoBright is well retained in mitochondria because of its covalent bond ability to proteins.

Supplemental Information

The Characteristics of MitoBright Green

Fig 1. Excitation and Emission Spectra

Fig. 2 Fluorescence Imaging

Concentration of Probe: 100 nmol/l

Cell Line: HeLa Cells

Excitation/Emission: 488 nm/ 501-563 nm

Nuclear Stain: Hoechst 33342

1) M. Oka, N. Kobayashi, K. Matsumura, M. Nishio and K. Saeki, "Exogenous Cytokine-Free Differentiation of Human Pluripotent Stem Cells into Classical Brown Adipocytes", Cells., 2019, 8, (4), 373.