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Application Products
Apoptosis Annexin V, FITC Apoptosis Detection Kit
Autophagy DALGreen-Autophagy Detection
DAPGreen-Autophagy Detection
DAPRed-Autophagy Detection
Cell Viability and Cytotoxicity Cell Counting Kit-8
Cell Counting Kit-F
Cell Cytotoxicity Cytotoxicity LDH Assay Kit-WST
Cell Cycle Analysis Cell Cycle Assay Solution Deep Red
Cell Cycle Assay Solution Blue
Cell Normalization Cell Count Normalization Kit
Cellular Senescence SPiDER-ßGal Cellular Senescence Detection Kit - SPiDER-ßGal
Cellular Senescence Plate Assay Kit - SPiDER-ßGal
Live and Dead Cells -Cellstain-Double Staining Kit
Lactate Quantification Lactate Assay Kit
Glucose Quantification Glucose Assay Kit-WST
Glutamine Quantification Glutamine Assay Kit–WST
Glutamate Quantification Glutamate Assay Kit–WST
Nucleolus Staining Nucleolus Bright Green
Nucleolus Bright Red
Lipid Droplet Lipi-Blue
Lipi-Deep Red
Lipid Droplet Assay Kit-Blue
Lipid Droplet Assay Kit-Deep Red
Intracellular Fe2+ FerroOrange
Exosome Membrane Labeling ExoSparkler Exosome Membrane Labeling Kit - Green
ExoSparkler Exosome Membrane Labeling Kit - Red
ExoSparkler Exosome Membrane Labeling Kit - Deep Red
Exosome Protein Labeling ExoSparkler Exosome Protein Labeling Kit - Green
ExoSparkler Exosome Protein Labeling Kit - Red
ExoSparkler Exosome Protein Labeling Kit - Deep Red
Endocytosis Detection ECGreen-Endocytosis Detection
Plasma Membrane Staining PlasMem Bright Green
PlasMem Bright Red
ATP Measurement ATP Assay Kit-Luminescence
α-Ketoglutarate Measurement α-Ketoglutarate Assay Kit-Fluorometric
Glucose Uptake Capacity Assay Glucose Uptake Assay Kit-Green
*Cellular Function Analysis Selection Guide
*Quantification of Intracellular Metabolites
*Senescence Map Selection Guide
*Ferroptosis Selection Guide
*Track the dynamics of plasma membrane
Application Products
DNA Damage DNA Damage Quantification Kit
GSSG/GSH Ratio GSSG/GSH Quantification Kit
Lipid Peroxide Liperfluo
Lipid Peroxide in Mitochondria MitoPeDPP
Singlet Oxygen in Mitochondria Si-DMA for Mitochondrial Singlet Oxygen Imaging
SOD Activity SOD Assay Kit-WST
Total Glutathione Total Glutathione Quantification Kit
Antioxidant Capacity Assay DPPH Antioxidant Assay Kit
Total ROS detection ROS Assay Kit -Highly Sensitive DCFH-DA-
Application Products
Protein Interaction Analysis Amine Coupling Kit
Formation of Biotin-SAM on Gold Surface Biotin-SAM Formation Reagent
Formation of Carboxylic-SAM on Gold Surface Carboxylic acid-SAM Formation Reagent
Formation of NTA-SAM on Gold Surface NTA-SAM Formation Reagent
Application Products
Gene Transfection HilyMax
Reporter Gene Assay(ß-galactosidase detection) SPiDER-ßGal
*Learn about ß-galactosidase Detection Reagents
Application Products
Labeling Biotin to IgG or Protein
Labeling Enzyme to IgG or Protein
Labeling Fluorophore to IgG or Protein
Learn more
Application Products
IgG Purification IgG Purification Kit-A
IgG Purification Kit-G
Application Products
ACE Inhibition ACE Kit-WST
Application Products
Electron Mediator 1-Methoxy-PMS
Amine-reactive PES