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Application Products
Apoptosis Annexin V, FITC Apoptosis Detection Kit
Autophagy DALGreen-Autophagy Detection
DAPGreen-Autophagy Detection
DAPRed-Autophagy Detection
Cell Viability and Cytotoxicity Cell Counting Kit-8
Cell Counting Kit-F
Cell Cytotoxicity Cytotoxicity LDH Assay Kit-WST
Cell Cycle Analysis Cell Cycle Assay Solution Deep Red
Cell Cycle Assay Solution Blue
Cell Normalization Cell Count Normalization Kit
Cellular Senescence SPiDER-ßGal Cellular Senescence Detection Kit - SPiDER-ßGal
Cellular Senescence Plate Assay Kit - SPiDER-ßGal
Live and Dead Cells -Cellstain-Double Staining Kit
Lactate Quantification Lactate Assay Kit
Glucose Quantification Glucose Assay Kit-WST
Glutamine Quantification Glutamine Assay Kit–WST
Glutamate Quantification Glutamate Assay Kit–WST
Nucleolus Staining Nucleolus Bright Green
Nucleolus Bright Red
Lipid Droplet Lipi-Blue
Lipi-Deep Red
Lipid Droplet Assay Kit-Blue
Lipid Droplet Assay Kit-Deep Red
Intracellular Fe2+ FerroOrange
Exosome Membrane Labeling ExoSparkler Exosome Membrane Labeling Kit - Green
ExoSparkler Exosome Membrane Labeling Kit - Red
ExoSparkler Exosome Membrane Labeling Kit - Deep Red
Exosome Protein Labeling ExoSparkler Exosome Protein Labeling Kit - Green
ExoSparkler Exosome Protein Labeling Kit - Red
ExoSparkler Exosome Protein Labeling Kit - Deep Red
Endocytosis Detection ECGreen-Endocytosis Detection
Plasma Membrane Staining PlasMem Bright Green
PlasMem Bright Red
ATP Measurement ATP Assay Kit-Luminescence
α-Ketoglutarate Measurement α-Ketoglutarate Assay Kit-Fluorometric
Glucose Uptake Capacity Assay Glucose Uptake Assay Kit-Green
Glucose Uptake Assay Kit-Blue
Glucose Uptake Assay Kit-Red
Amino Acid Uptake Capacity Assay Amino Acid Uptake Assay Kit
ADP/ATP Ratio ADP/ATP Ratio Assay Kit-Luminescence
Glycolysis/Oxidative phosphorylation Glycolysis/OXPHOS Assay Kit
Cystine Uptake Capacity Assay Cystine Uptake Assay Kit
Exosome Isolation ExoIsolator Exosome Isolation Kit
ExoIsolator Isolation Filter
Lysosome staining and pH detection LysoPrime Green – High Specificity and pH Resistance
LysoPrime Deep Red - High Specificity and pH Resistance
pHLys Red - Lysosomal Acidic pH Detection
Lysosomal Acidic pH Detection Kit
*Cellular Function Analysis Selection Guide
*Quantification of Intracellular Metabolites
*Senescence Map Selection Guide
*Ferroptosis and Reagent Selection Guide
*Track the dynamics of plasma membrane
*Functional Foods Evaluation
*Association Between Cellular Senescence and Mitochondrial Disfunction Due to Lipid Accumulation
*Beginner’s Guide to Cellular Metabolism
*Associations Among Lysosomal Dysfunction, Mitochondrial Dysfunction, and Neurodegenerative Disease
*Cell proliferation / Cytotoxicity Selection guide
*Cellular Uptake Assay Data Collection
*COVID Research and senescence
Application Products
Protein Interaction Analysis Amine Coupling Kit
Formation of Biotin-SAM on Gold Surface Biotin-SAM Formation Reagent
Formation of Carboxylic-SAM on Gold Surface Carboxylic acid-SAM Formation Reagent
Formation of NTA-SAM on Gold Surface NTA-SAM Formation Reagent
Application Products
Gene Transfection HilyMax
Reporter Gene Assay(ß-galactosidase detection) SPiDER-ßGal
*Learn about ß-galactosidase Detection Reagents
Application Products
Labeling Biotin to IgG or Protein
Labeling Enzyme to IgG or Protein
Labeling Fluorophore to IgG or Protein
Learn more
CLAMP CLAMP F405-Signal Boosting
*CLAMP method – A New Highly Sensitive Detection Method for Cell Surface Antigens
Application Products
IgG Purification IgG Purification Kit-A
IgG Purification Kit-G
Application Products
ACE Inhibition ACE Kit-WST
Application Products
Electron Mediator 1-Methoxy-PMS
Amine-reactive PES